Anti-Aging Skincare Products With BioActive Keratin

One of the best ingredients to look for in a wrinkle cream is probably BioActive Keratin.  This ingredient is becoming more popular and is found in some of the best anti-aging skincare products.  This article covers this ingredient in detail and also introduces some effective products with BioActive Keratin.

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What is BioActive Keratin?

First of all, keratins are structural proteins that are found in hair, nails and the outer layer of our skin cells.  They contribute to the toughness of our hair and nails and the strength of our skin.

BioActive Keratin is drived from sheep’s wool.  Because the processing of BioActive Keratin is through gently softening the proteins contained in the wool, the keratins obtained still retain their functions, or bioactivity.

According to Wikipedia, a substance is biologically active, or bioactive if it has interaction with or effect on any cell tissue in the human body.

What Are The Benefits of Products With BioActive Keratin?

Improves Skin Firmness – Keratins in our skin cells have many functions, one of which is to absorb and pull in moisture.  So one of the most important benefits of BioActive Keratin is that it can be picked up and used by the skin cells to perform the moisture retaining and absorption functions.

In research labs, when BioActive Keratin is applied to skin cells, the cells become plumper.  This is why BioActive Keratin can improve the skin’s firmness.

bioactive keratin cream

Stimulates Production Of New Skin Cells – BioActive Keratin can stimulate the generation of new skin cells.  This is an important step in slowing down aging because the growth of new skin cells, especially at the skin’s outer layers, slows down during the aging process.  Researchers find that BioActive Keratin can provide up to 160% increase in skin cell production after only 5 days of use.

Has Anti-inflammatory Properties – BioActive Keratin is proven to have anti-inflammatory activity which is beneficial for various skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, ezcema and rosacea.  Because of these properties, BioActive Keratin cream can be used on sensitive or irritated skin.

Has Antioxidant Properties – BioActive Keratin is shown to have antioxdant properties by neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals, one of the primary causes of skin aging and aging in general.

Also, as it can stimulate the production of new skin cells, BioActive Keratin in turn causes an increased level of more powerful antioxidants.

Which Face Creams Contain BioActive Keratin

There are quite a few of anti-wrinkle creams formulated with BioActive Keratin.  products with bioactive keratinHowever, it is important to choose an anti-aging cream with no harmful chemicals.

Again, you can visit the webiste of a range of top-rated anti-aging skincare products formulated with BioActive Keratin here.

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