Finding The Best Anti-Aging Cream For Younger-Looking Skin

With so many anti-aging products available, choosing the right and the best anti-wrinkle cream on the market can be confusing. If you are looking for the best anti-aging cream, here’s guide that we hope can be helpful to you.

Look for Sufficient Active Ingredient Concentration

As a general rule, the best anti-wrinkle cram should be effective in creating healthy and younger-looking skin without any adverse side effects.

The truth is, most claims made even for the top anti-aging skincare product, are based on just a few active ingredients in the product. In most cases, the main active ingredients are so in low concentrations that their effectiveness is limited. The majority of the product is made up of synthetic waxes and fillers.

To be effective, a top anti-aging cream should contain around 50% active ingredients.

Look for Pure Ingredients

Every time you apply any product onto your skin, some of the ingredients will ultimately enter your blood stream. So you’re practically consuming what you put onto your skin.

Therefore, you should look for ingredients that are pure enough that it’s not harmful for you to eat! For example, glycerine, a humectant used in almost every skincare products. Instead of a petroleum-based glycerine, you should really look for a plant-based glycerine which is perfectly safe to eat.  Bear in mind that one of the main criteria in judging the best aging cream is the pureness of its ingredients.

Look for Effective Ingredients

In order for a product to work, the best creams for anti-aging should contain enough concentration of active effective ingredients. For example, coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant. But there’s a big variation of quality when it comes to this particular ingredient. Some forms of Coenzyme Q10’s can only penetrate the surface layer of the skin which will not give much antioxidant effectiveness. Instead, look for the best anti-aging creams that contain superior forms of Q10 that can penetrate deeply in order for it to work.

Avoid Harmful Ingredients

When you have found a top anti-aging cream based on the above rules, you should also make sure that there are no harmful ingredients in the product. Specifically, there should be no parabens, no fragrances, no allergens or any kind of harmful chemicals.

Take parabens as an example, they are chemicals commonly used as preservatives in the skincare industry. Many big brands use parabens because they are cheap. However, some studies suggest that they are one of the causes for cancer, especially breast cancer.


While it’s common practice for people to stick with established brands when it comes to choosing a wrinkle cream, sometimes it’s more important to use your common sense.

For effectiveness and safety, you should look for high-quality, 100% natural ingredients, including moisturizing oils, anti-oxidants, vitamins, coenzyme Q10 and plant extracts with sufficient concentration.

This will definitely help you to achieve a healthy, glowing and younger-looking skin!

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