How To Select A Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream

We all want to have young-looking skin.  That’s why the skin care market is flooded with products that promise to give the best results.  As consumer you should be aware that to gain young looking skin you need a healthy skin anti-wrinkle cream.  But is there a way to evaluate if the anti-aging moisturizer you buy really works? Here are a few tips to help you in your search.

Ingredients You Should Look For

If you want to buy the most effective facial anti-wrinkle cream, you may want to know what causes wrinkles in the first place. Simply speaking, the formation of wrinkles is caused mainly as a result of decline in collagen and elastin.

Wrinkles are also formed due to free radicals which are produced in response to UV radiation, smoke and pollutants. That’s why reduced amount of antioxidants are present in aging skin cells. Based on the facts above, the best cream for anti-aging should contain plenty of natural or clinically proven antioxidants and effective nutrients to enable the skin to build new cells and grow collagen and elastin fibers.

If you find an anti-aging serum or cream that contains these main ingredients, plus includes nothing that could harm your skin, you know you’re on the right track.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

Basically, you should avoid any wrinkle cream that contains mineral oils, chemical preservatives such as parabens (also known as methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl parabens) and synthetic fragrances.

Also, watch out for sunscreens which are popping up in everything from moisturizers to cosmetics. If you will be exposed in the sun for an extended period of time, use a safe sunblock that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as main ingredients.

If your skin is easily irritated or sensitive to sunlight, we recommend that you avoid products containing glycolic acid and other exfoliates.

Browse the Internet for Reviews and Information

After you have selected a prospective wrinkle creams based on the above principles, you can find further useful information about a product on the internet. Many sites and personal blogs offer product reviews on their list of top ten anti-aging products to help you make a choice.

There’s also a method that’s relatively unknown if the brands you select are sold at e-commerce stores on the internet. Go to which is a site that provides free information about the traffic that a certain site is getting over the past year.

This strategy is really helpful as it’s an indicator whether the store is doing well or successful. If the average monthly visitors to a specific site remains stable (or growing) and above 10,000 over the past year, it’s a pretty good indication that the products are well received by the market.

Additional Tips

As a general rule of thumb, stick with well known and established products. If the product is successful, there must be a reason. Also, get samples if possible. If the product is sold online, make sure they offer unconditional 30 days money back guarantee if you don’t see results.

We hope the above tips are useful for you to find the most effective skin anti-aging cream that works!

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